Dosnoventa Barcelona Frameset

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Returningto origins.Where it all began. Barcelona,thecity that watched us grow and the name of the first Dosnoventa frame.

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Dosnoventa Barcelona

Returning to origins. Where it all began. Barcelona, the city that watched us grow and the name of the first Dosnoventa frame.
Now this iconic model is available again, with a new design, renewed geometry, Columbus Spirit tubing and that timeless style that steel frames have.
After years of manufacturing bicycles with different materials and uses, we wanted to return to our origins and bring back our “Barcelona” classic. Made of steel, with a one-inch headset and a perfect geometry to take you anywhere, the Dosnoventa Barcelona is ready to make you enjoy every kilometre you spend on top of it.
A frame that due to its geometry, lines, shapes, durability and stiffness, will undoubtedly become a basic part of your everyday life.

"The Dosnoventa Barcelona is about balance. It provides the perfect equilibrium between the track and the street, that point where pioneering and current features converge".

Cold As Ice.

The Dosnoventa Barcelona is about balance. It provides the perfect equilibrium between the track and the street, that point where pioneering and current features converge. It is a duality that is also reflected in its unique and very special color, but it is also appropriate for any rider profile. We named the color Ice Cold.

To achieve “Ice Cold”, our painters in Italy subject the Dosnoventa Barcelona to a chemical process that bestows the frame with a three-dimensional effect that recalls a layer of ice. This, combined with the most advanced paints and special varnishes, give each frame a singular and unrepeatable effect.

Each new Dosnoventa Barcelona is totally different than the previous one, making for an artisanal, unique and inimitable piece of work.

Columbus® Spirit

Triple butted Niobium alloy seamless tubeset. Reduced thickness, up to 0.38mm. Exceptional mechanical characteristics. High tensile strength, superior resilience and incredible fatigue resistance. Incomparable strength/weight ratio. Made in Italy.

Columbus Niobium is utilized for the production of the Spirit tube set. Niobium is a special steel with Manganese, Chrome, Nickel, Molybdenum and Niobium. In this Columbus’s special chemical composition, the effects of strengthening for precipitation and alloy-grain reduction are incredibly enhanced. It is a steel designed to provide superior mechanical characteristics and higher resistance to environmental effects than conventional Cro-Mo steels.

Niobium is the only serious choice for a top-of-the-line competition frame, where lightweight and reliability are essential.

Columbus ANTI-DENT treatment.

The all-new Anti-Dent treatment is a localized thermal hardening process capable of countering dents caused by an impact or collision (denting), with particular attention paid to the central areas of the tubes which are thinner and lighter.
All the Columbus alloys allows us to obtain extraordinary results in the reduction of wall thickness, which, however, normally leads to a higher risk of denting or warping in the event of an impact. In order to overcome this disadvantage, the alloy is treated with a special Anti-Dent process capable of increasing the elastic limit of the material preventing unlucky dents in the most exposed and lightened areas.
All of this is achieved without altering the areas that will undergo welding, where a thermal treatment would compromise the stability of the structure during the welding phase.

Handcrafted in Italy

In a world dominated by mass production and depersonalised products, Dosnoventa manufactures its frames one by one in northern Italy. Since we manufacture them by hand, the piece that each customer receives is unique. A painstakingly designed quality product that is fully timeless in character.

Lab Test.

Every aspect is approached with intense attention to detail to meet the highest quality standards. Every new frame model is subjected through a tough stress and crash test. All frames developed are tested in Italy with innovative and dedicated machines.

Approved by the Brotherhood.

Our team and staff is constantly testing all new products in the streets, collecting and providing important feedbacks to our engineers with the aim to produce the best bikes in the world.

Sizing Chart.

Use the chart to find the frame set size that's best for you. If you fall across two sizes or have questions about the bike size that will best suit you, please contact us.


FRAMEColumbus Spirit - Triple butted Niobium alloy
FORKColumbus steel 1"
HEADSET1" Ita (Not included)
B.B.B.S.A. (english)
COLORIce Cold Effect Frame set / Black Matt Decalset